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Quick Tips Agarwood Harvest

Eaglewood died after a year of injected fungi. He is not guilty, but had to hurt so fragrant pig appear immediately. Aquilaria malaccensis aloes stem minimum 5-year-old drilled a spiral. That is, each end of the first areas to be continuous with the circular saw a saw a second field. So on. That's a given field of sawn fungi.
A year after the injection of pig can already be harvested. Previous techniques, inter-field saws are not interconnected. The interval between the field of about 10 cm and 2-3 years to reap the pig.
Modification of the fungal delivery technology developed by Drs Yana Sumarna MSi, researchers Research and Development Center for Forest and Nature Conservation, Bogor.He gives the fungus Fusarium spp on each stem aloes. A year later, he was able to harvest 10 kg of pig gaharu trees 6 years. This method is more effective than older techniques because of the spiral technique capable of withstanding the trees still standing strong despite high wind. Prepare the necessary tools: wood drill to drill a hole diameter of 13 mm for rods, saws, trepanning place markers as markers, gauges, cotton, spatula, tweezers, alcohol 70%, candles and soft pig seeds of the fungus.
The workmanship is simple.
A. A fungal inoculant to assist in the formation of a pig. Some examples are dense fungus Diplodia sp, Phytium sp, Fusarium sp, Aspergillus sp, sp Lasiodiplodia, Libertela sp, Trichoderma sp, Scytalidium sp, and Thielaviopsis sp. Fungus was propagated by mixing one tablespoon of mushrooms and 100 grams of waste sawdust aloes. Save one month in a sealed bottle.
2. Make a mark on the skin layer of 10 cm diameter tree with a marker to determine the area of ​​drilling. The lower drilling point, 20 cm from the soil surface. Create another drilling point on it by shifting toward sejau horizontal to vertical 10 cm and 10 cm. In the same way to make some subsequent point after being linked to form a spiral line.
3. Use a generator to power the drill bit. Make a hole as deep as 1/3 the diameter of the stem follows the spiral line of the drilling area.
4. Clean the drill holes with a washed cotton 70% alcohol to prevent infection with other microbes.
5. Enter the fungus into the hole by using a spatula. Filling up the hole to meet the skin's surface.
6. Close the holes have been filled with wax and fungus so that no contaminants. To prevent water from seeping, waxy surface also closed plastic tape.
7. Check the success of the injection after one month. Open plaster and wax.Successful inoculation of the fungus if the black bars. After that make up the skin incision below the peeling. This makes it easy to open and close when the next check.
8. One year later gaharu harvested. To increase success, plantersadded compound stressors. With so weakened aloes durability, easy to breed fungus, and the pig is more quickly formed.

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